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By NJ SEO, Posted in Article Marketing on December 17, 2012
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Cyber Monday raked in an estimated $1.98 billion for online retailers in 2012. Holiday shoppers are a ravenous but picky bunch out for the best products they can get at the best prices. Spending a little time optimizing your website and polishing your...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Social Media on February 14, 2012
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If you think all you need is to make an account on a bunch of different social networking sites to help your website’s SEO, think again. Those accounts created must be optimized in order to fully utilize both the benefits of the networking site...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Social Media on October 20, 2011
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Optimizing your website is no longer the only way to achieve top Google rankings for your website. Facebook currently tops the charts as the second most popular website in the world, only surpassed by Google, giving any brand on Facebook a head start on...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in On Page SEO on September 1, 2011
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Nowadays, virtually every business, restaurant, band, or any other sort of organization has its own Facebook Fan Page (and if your organization doesn’t, go make one, build it up, and then come back to this article). The goal of the Facebook Fan...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Article Marketing on August 17, 2011
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2012 presidential hopefuls may have differing opinions on most issues, but there’s at least one thing they can all agree on: the importance of social media to their campaign.Already, presidential candidates for next year’s election have put...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Social Media on July 18, 2011
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How to Successfully Market your Band on FacebookWith Facebook’s unwavering rise and Myspace’s imminent death, it is now more important than ever for musical artists to establish themselves on Facebook. A thriving Facebook Fan Page for bands...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Social Media on June 21, 2011
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In a 2011 survey completed by Citibank, 36% of small business owners that were polled stated that they were using social networking sites to promote their business. This is more than double of the 19% that were engaging in social media a year ago....(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Online Marketing and Promotions on February 18, 2011
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Location based marketing is the next level in social media marketing. If your business is not on Foursquare, Facebook Places, Twitter, or even a site called Gowalla then you're not marketing your business properly. These social networking sites now have...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Article Marketing on August 16, 2010
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Car dealerships are a dime a dozen as they outline the many major highways and roads of New Jersey. You may have a reliable business with decent sales, but it seems that with the abundance of similar establishments, it might be difficult to stand out...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Social Media on June 25, 2010
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We all know how important Facebook has become to any good marketing strategy, but just like with Twitter's platform, once you've started posting, how do you drive users to view your information? Below are five easy ways to improve Facebook SEO...(more)