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By NJ SEO, Posted in New Jersey SEO on June 13, 2013
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Building backlinks to your website is one way to get your site listed higher in search engine results. A page that is listed in the first page will get significantly more traffic than pages listed in the second page or lower. Therefore, it is important...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Industry News on March 5, 2012
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NOTE: Many SEO experts will state that Google’s sandbox doesn’t even exist, but whether one believes it or not, Google still uses a ‘probation’ period for relatively new domains. You’ve recently created a website and spent...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in New Jersey SEO on January 9, 2012
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There are many SEO strategies for your small business, but one of the most important components of SEO is getting backlinks to your website.Backlinks are incoming links to your website. In other words, visitors are linked back to your page from another...(more)