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By NJ SEO, Posted in New Jersey SEO on June 13, 2013
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Building backlinks to your website is one way to get your site listed higher in search engine results. A page that is listed in the first page will get significantly more traffic than pages listed in the second page or lower. Therefore, it is important...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Google Products on June 5, 2013
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So many people have come to rely on Google Analytics to track hits, the success of social media campaigns and every other aspect of website popularity and marketing strategy, that the very name of the tool has become synonymous with stat tracking. It's...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in On Page SEO on March 27, 2013
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Optimizing content for search engines is something that must be worked on consistently. There is no one method that is going to magically drive traffic to your site. Therefore, you must always be willing to tweak and update your methods to ensure that...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in On Page SEO on February 14, 2013
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In years past, it would have been a great marketing strategy to stuff your content with keywords that people would search for. However, successful websites now include quality content as opposed to just random words pasted on a page. Therefore, consider...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Search Engine Optimization on November 13, 2012
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"SEO" or "search engine optimization" is a buzzword in internet commerce. Everyone recommends it, but what can an SEO company really do for you? When a potential customer types something into a search engine, the engine spiders through thousands upon...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Search Engine Optimization on June 7, 2012
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To secure Search Engine Optimization, the user has to invest in original and quality infused content which will bring on a high-traffic site. Relevant information gains a website more views and in turn higher rankings.Google Panda was introduced in...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in On Page SEO on November 2, 2011
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Are you taking your business to the next level with Internet marketing and SEM? Before you look into PPC, SEO companies and digital marketing firms, learn the components and factors that affect SEO. Here is a glimpse into the world of search engine...(more)