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By NJ SEO, Posted in On Page SEO on March 27, 2013
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Optimizing content for search engines is something that must be worked on consistently. There is no one method that is going to magically drive traffic to your site. Therefore, you must always be willing to tweak and update your methods to ensure that...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Search Engine Optimization on December 28, 2012
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Search engine optimization is about a lot more than strategic keyword placement and optimized code. SEO isabout human nature. The face of the internet is constantly changing, and what it is changing into is startlingly human. Google's search engineers...(more)

By NJ SEO, Posted in Search Engine Optimization on November 13, 2012
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"SEO" or "search engine optimization" is a buzzword in internet commerce. Everyone recommends it, but what can an SEO company really do for you? When a potential customer types something into a search engine, the engine spiders through thousands upon...(more)