Increase Traffic and Sales to Your Small Business through Local SEO

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Posted in Online Marketing and Promotions on August 28, 2012

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Local marketing is a key factor that brings success to a business. There are many techniques that are used to increase sales through local marketing, but most small businesses overlook the local search marketing concept. A recent survey by eMarketer showed that 54 percent of Americans find local services through the internet instead of the phone. The study also showed that more that 40 percent of these internet searches targeted local services and businesses. These local searchers are more likely to make a purchase compared to the non-local searchers. The outcome of this study shows that local SEO can generate a lot of revenue for small businesses. It is thus important for small businesses to capture the local market using local SEO methods that will captivate customers and search engines. Search engine optimization can boost local business in many ways and translate into massive online sales.


Local SEO techniques include creating a business website that is local friendly. This website will contain key phrases and terms that will help local customers in locating the business easily. It will also have the address, local telephone numbers and business name on every page. The website must also have the physical locations of all your business branches since this makes it easier for customers to find you. The website will also have a description of all the services and products offered by the small business. All this information will make it easy for local customers to find you and lead to massive purchases.

Another technique that will optimize the local search is creating a business profile on major search engines, such as Bing Local, Google Places and Yahoo Local. A small business profile that contains comprehensive information about the business increases its exposure online, making it easier for local customers to find it. Creating a profile on the major search engines increases the visibility of a business online and increases traffic to the business site. This means that all local customers looking for services and products offered by your business are more likely to find you fast if you are visible in the search engines. It is important for small businesses to post content that attracts customers including photos, company news and promotions on their profile. 

Allowing online reviews by customers is an important tool in local search optimization. It increases the customers’ confidence since this is equivalent to the word of mouth. Reviews enable customers to comment about your business, adding credibility to it. Feedback from customers will help the business in improving its products and services as it strives to fulfill customer expectations. Availing essential content about your business online improves the local search engine optimization and results in local customers making more purchases.

With the latest technology development, a business cannot ignore the importance of social media. All social media accounts owned by the business are a valuable tool that can be used for optimizing local SEO marketing. The Social Media Marketing Industry Report of 2011 showed that 72 percent of businesses that actively used social media not only experienced increased site traffic, but also noted growth in sales. Social media networks enables businesses to network, keep customers updated on the latest promotions and news pertaining to their products and services. Businesses can post videos and pictures of the products that they offer as well as the ongoing promotions and offers. Social media networks are an effective way of reaching thousands of local customers and generating interest in your business. Remember to update your content frequently as this will enable you to provide customers with the latest information about your business. 

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