Why Your Business Should Start Blogging

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Posted in Blogging on May 28, 2013

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Blogging for BusinessIf you are a business owner, you should consider writing a company blog. Although it may not seem like writing blogs can help your company make more money, they can increase brand exposure and sales. Here are some more reasons on how your business can benefit from blogging about topics relevant to your industry.

SEO Value

Any content that you put on the web is going to be indexed by Google and Bing. Therefore, your potential customers have another opportunity to find out about your company whenever they do an online search. To fully optimize your blog to be found by as many people as possible, consider targeting keywords and including links to your website. Additionally, photos and videos included in your blog may be indexed separately by the search engines. Therefore, you give potential customers many different ways to find your company through as little as one blog post.

Increase Search Engine Visibility

When more people see a link to your blog, there are more chances to gain additional hits to your blog and website. These additional hits will then be converted into sales. In a way, you can consider each share and like as a positive review of your company. Those who visit your site for the first time will trust your brand and feel a sense of trust connected to your business.

Customer Interaction

If your business is rolling out a new product in the future or needs to recall a product, a blog post is a perfect place to make that announcement. Customers and clients can comment directly in the comments section to let you know their thoughts regarding the announcement. Additionally, those who share your post on social media can get the word out to those who may not have visited your blog that day. Talking to your customers directly can help your company brainstorm ideas based off their feedback and establish a loyal client base.

The SEO value of a blog combined with the ability to communicate to customers are two reasons why your company cannot afford to not have a blog. Customers appreciate being kept in the loop about the products and services that they use on a regular basis. Therefore, do your company and customers a favor by starting a blog. It is a surefire way to increase sales and customer loyalty.

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