Why Brand Content is Important for SEO (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Posted in Search Engine Optimization on June 7, 2012

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To secure Search Engine Optimization, the user has to invest in original and quality infused content which will bring on a high-traffic site. Relevant information gains a website more views and in turn higher rankings.

Google Panda was introduced in February 2011, bringing about a new search results ranking algorithm that helped with the return of higher ranked sites to be displayed at the top of search results and vice versa. The new algorithm dumped out the sites which advertised too much and placed the user friendly contented websites at the top.

As you can see in the Infographic the rise of content from 132 keywords to 355 keywords increased this business’ site traffic dramatically from Panda’s first update in February 2011 to Panda 2.5 in September 2011. ­­A statistic to keep in mind is that 92% of marketers believe that content is either “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for SEO.

Search engines will now be incorporating Facebook Likes, Google+ 1’s, and Tweets. Social media plays a huge role in rankings on search engines. Millions of pages of content are shared online daily which 1-5 include links to content and 60% of all that content is specific to an industry, brand, or product. The percentage of marketers who invest in content creation is at 76% where only 1% of all B2B marketers say that the impact of social media to SEO is negative.

Remember your brand represents you and search engine users will click on your link if it appears more than once on a results page. Content about your brand is important as well. Reviews on blogs, websites such as Yelp!, Angie’s list, and others impact consumers when they are in the midst of researching for a product, industry, or brand. Make sure to take care of any negative reviews found online about your brand as quickly as you can in a professional and effective manner.

Lastly, there has been a shift in how effective paid links are in comparison to social media. Paid links are a less effective method in increasing SEO, the AD:Content ratio is more promising to SEO as is value, usability, and readability of content. On a more promising note, marketers are investing $12.5+ billion in online content to help with Search Engine Optimization.

This Infographic touches base on how important brand content is for effective SEO. Your business will obtain higher website traffic when it begins to use effective content. Social media has become more influential to how your brand, industry, or product if viewed by consumers as well. Remember it’s always quality over quantity when it comes to your brand a.k.a., you.



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