What is Link Building and How Can it Help Your Website

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Posted in On Page SEO on October 5, 2012

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A website improves its visibility in the search engines through link building. There are basically three kinds of links: internal links within your website to your other WebPages; outbound links from your website to other websites; and inbound links from other websites to your website.

While it is important to have internal links within your website and outbound links from your website to other sites, search engine optimization experts believe that the most important links are inbound links, links directed to your website from other websites. Although, the major search engines guard their algorithm formula very closely and nobody in the general public knows exactly how a search engine weighs the value of a website, there appears to be a SEO experts have gathered a lot of deductive information to believe that an abundance of inbound links, especially those coming from high authority or relevant websites, will help the target website feature high on the search engine ranking pages, perhaps even making it into the top 10 listings for the principal keyword

Caveat: Think Twice Before Buying High PR Links

Currently, Google Yahoo and Bing do not appear to be able to detect if a link is a paid link or a natural link, but the search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and it may be possible in the near future for them to detect if a link is a natural and organic link or if it is a paid link. If you invest a lot of money in buying links and the search engines develop a way to detect paid links, then your website will face severe penalties and may even be dropped completely from its high search rankings. For this reason, it is not advisable to buy links if you are thinking of a long-term strategy.

Five Link Building Strategies

  1. Ask your existing customers to link to you. If your business has a large number of customers linkinglinks_paperclips back to you, it will be the equivalent of people walking around the mall with a T-shirt displaying your company logo.
  2. Create a company blog that offers great content. What is great content? It is an article that is keyword-rich, offers visitors valuable ideas, and is both informative and entertaining at the same time. Blogs are a great way to create regular content that is fresh and appealing to both search engine crawlers and human visitors.
  3. Think of ways that you can create content that will inspire others to share your links on social media websites. Viral sharing of a humorous or controversial topic is a great way to create natural linking. Video content is especially popular. 
  4. Find something newsworthy to place on your website. It can, for example, be giving away a great new product for free. 
  5. Find directories to place your links on. However, these directories do have to be relevant for your content. Directories often have a lot of visitors and Google considers a relevant directory link as an authority vote for the importance of your website. 

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