What is Google Analytics?

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Posted in Google Products on May 11, 2012

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For anyone with either a website or a blog, Google Analytics is an important tool that can be used to help analyze and improve traffic. However, many site owners have no idea what Google Analytics is.  Because the word analytics means the state of analyzing, most business owners have some idea that it has something to do with analyzing their website. However, these same people often have no real idea of how it can benefit their site.

{#/pub/images/GoogleAnalytics.png}Analysis – For anyone asking ‘What is Google Analytics’, it is an analyzing tool that can be used to track the traffic and viewership on your blog and website. There are a variety of ways to utilize analytics including social media, content management, advertising and SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The end goal of each of these uses is that your site gets more views and potentially makes more revenue with the help of the data.

Social Media – Google Analytics can be used to improve your social media sites by helping you learn about the success of your social media efforts. If you have to increase your site traffic, then social media is the easiest way to do it. Studies show that currently, social media is responsible for 41% of all internet sales which means that you really cannot afford not to know about your social media stats. Google Analytics can be used to track and trace your social media sites, the traffic earned from these sites as well as the revenue earned from your social media.

Content Management – You can use Google Analytics to track what pages on your site are getting the most hits, which pages your viewers stay on the longest and more importantly, which ones turn into bounce (immediately leaving) and are not visited. This can help you to improve the content on your site for better customer and reader retention.

Advertising Tools – In the same way that Google Analytics can help you to improve your content and your social media, it can also help you to improve your advertising. Google Analytics can be used to track and trace your revenue and visitors streaming from your advertising efforts. It can help you to improve your marketing in one area, to see which parts of your advertising campaign are successful and to get a good idea of how successful your overall campaign is.

SEO – Possibly the most important thing that Google Analytics can do is help you to enhance your SEO. By knowing what pages and articles receive the most hits, you can optimize your site in order to improve your SEO. As everyone knows, the better your SEO is, the more traffic your site will receive and therefore the more potential you have for revenue and sales.

Whatever your goal may be, you can use Google Analytics to improve your traffic, analyze data and discover ways to get closer to reaching your goals.

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