Using Facebook to Market Car Dealerships

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Posted in Article Marketing on August 16, 2010

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Car dealerships are a dime a dozen as they outline the many major highways and roads of New Jersey. You may have a reliable business with decent sales, but it seems that with the abundance of similar establishments, it might be difficult to stand out in the competitive world of car sales. However, there are marketing tactics and strategies that car dealerships should certainly consider, in order to stand out among the rest.


The Power of Social Networking

Taking advantage of social networking is essential for all businesses and also, one of the many steps necessary in generating higher SEO rankings. Through its growing popularity, it has illustrated a profound influence on the continuous success of companies everywhere. With the speed of the internet, the percentage of people using the web and the marketing capabilities that networking sites have to offer, it would be foolish for businesses to overlook these sales tools.

Recently, Hudson Horizons, a company dedicated to increasing SEO rankings through web solutions, assisted client, Flemington Hyundai in taking advantage of Internet Marketing. Flemington Hyundai has been using Facebook to showcase its latest sales, connect directly with fans and customers as well as providing links to the company's website.


Here's How They Did It

On Flemington Hyundai's Facebook page, the company used the status bar to grab fan's attention. By using the status bar, businesses can promote sales, the newest car model and just as Flemington Hyundai has done, show specific prices that will encourage customers to inquire more about the sale.

Next, with the use of the discussion and review tabs, the Facebook page allows fans, customers and potential customers the opportunity to state their opinions or ask questions. A customer can tell about his satisfaction with a recent purchase, give feedback about customer service and even ask questions directly to the company. This is a great way for the company to see how it can improve on any services or better cater to customer's needs.

Finally, keep in mind the more fans you have, the more your company's page will be circulated on Facebook. If one person becomes a fan, the people who they're friends with will be able to click on your link, and become a fan as well. The more fans, the better!

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