Twitter Tenacity- 5 Tips for more visible tweets

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Posted in Social Media on June 21, 2010

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If it's been said once it's been said a thousand times, the use of social media sites like Twitter is an essential part of successful internet marketing. However, once you've joined the social media brigade, how do you make users read what you're posting? Below are five great tips for diligence on Twitter, that will immediately improve your Twitter SEO.


1.Choose Wisely
Your username or handle is often times the first thing users see when stumbling upon your Twitter account. Make sure your handle accurately and obviously conveys that it belongs to your brand, while still being short enough to be conveniently for re-tweeting.

2.Brand Your Bio
The Bio section of your Twitter account is another prominent place for followers or potential followers to gain information about the product or company. With that being said, it's vital to make sure that the Bio is rich with information about the brand and the goals of the company.

3.Start Off Strong
When composing tweets its essential to keep in mind that the primary characters of the post are used in conjunction with the account name as part of approximately 40 characters that make up the tweet's title tag in the search engines. Consider how your users would search for your given topic and make sure those keywords are in the initial characters of your tweet.

4.Keywords, the Key to Success
Speaking of keywords, don't just use them in the initial characters, use them throughout the entire tweet. The more keyword rich a tweet is the more likely it is to get picked up in the search engines. Check out words or topics that are currently trending, incorporating these into your tweets will make them more accessible when individuals are searching.

5.Remember, Retweets.
Being retweeted is a great way to get your message across, again, and again, and again. While it is important to consider ways to make your tweets into posts that users will want to retweet, it is also to make sure that they are posts that users CAN easily retweet. Keeping your tweets under 120 characters will make it easier for other users to add your username and @RT in front of the tweet.

Content is always the most important part of what you're writing, but it is crucial to keep these five points in mind when trying to improve the SEO of your Twitter!


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