Twitter SEO: Simple Tips to Improve Your Twitter SEO

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Posted in Social Media on January 28, 2011

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Twitter is becoming just as prevalent as Facebook when it comes to the Social Networking and the Social Media world. Twitter can help your site with SEO in many different ways. SEO is essential to a successful business. Not only can twitter help promote your product, service, or website, but it can assist in getting higher on the SERP.

Here are the simple steps you can take to improve SEO for your Twitter.

1. Make sure you have created a good Twitter handle

A twitter handle, which is basically the user name that is chosen when first signing up, is important. Make sure that your twitter handle is related to your business, company, product you're selling. Basically make sure that your user name relates to the reason you started twitter in the first place. This will make your name searchable. Be sure to keep it short and simple which makes it easier to tweet and retweet.

2. Let the world know that you have a Twitter account!

Promotion is one of the best ways to let the world know what you or your company, business, or product has to offer. Twitter is a great way to promote. Link your twitter account to your website, or to other social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn or both! The more you tell people you're on Twitter the more followers you can gain, more traffic to your page, and the higher your site will be on the SERP.

3. The Tweet button

The Tweet Button is a small widget which allows users to easily share your website with their followers. To find out more about tweet buttons check this website out. How to build and use a Tweet button.

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4. The first 26 characters of your tweet could make or break you

When you tweet for the first time remember this. Twitter takes the first 26 characters of your tweet and puts them into a tweet title tag. A tweet title tag will be what shows up when people search in a search engine. The more relatable the tweet, and the more common keywords used, the better chance for your SEO. Making your tweets visible is also a good way to gain views of your page.

5. Engage your followers

One of the best things to do for SEO is to connect with your followers. Do not just tweet about the business, products, or services. This could end up looking like spam. It will also turn off the people who are following your page. Talk to your follows, start discussions, ask questions, and give you follows useful information.

Tweet your way to success by utilizing these few simple steps. SEO for your Twitter.


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