The Next Big Thing in SEO: Mobile Searches

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Posted in New Jersey SEO on May 27, 2011

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According to Google, by the end of 2010, 50% of Americans owned a smartphone. With new Android devices and the iPhone 5 release coming later this year, that number is only estimated to grow. In another study from Google, 5,000 smartphone users were polled. The recent results were able to qualify the actions taken by users after a mobile search. Based on the study, it seems as though the next frontier for marketers will be on mobile platforms.

Google Conducts Study on Mobile Searches

A mobile search already implies intent on the individual conducting the search. According to the study, Google found that after the search, 74% of users actually made a purchase. There is more intent in this type of search and the most expected to actually be followed with action. It is safe to imply that the reason behind this is a mobile search means the individual is already on the move to make that purchase. Now it is up to your business or brand to ensure that their search leads them to your establishment.

Mobile Search Usage

Approximately 120 million households in America have Internet access at home. Although there are a large number of people with desktop Internet browsing capabilities, 93% of mobile users still use their smartphones to access the Internet while at home. More than 30% of users surveyed said that they use their smartphones while watching TV. Many smartphone users are also engaging in other forms of media while on their phones.

Mobile Searches on Ads

With location based sites like Foursquare and Gowalla, 70% of consumers are even using their phones while they are in stores shopping. So if their mobile search brings them to your store, the usage doesn't end there. 79%  said that they use applications and member review sites to help them make a purchasing decision. Though this technology is still ahead of the curve, one known mobile optimization strategy is localization. Ensure that your webpage is geotargeting ads so it is easier to find you.

Half of the 90% of users with action based mobile searches go on to make purchases. Those are great numbers. Traditional media is also gaining something out of mobile searches. Mobile ads are noticed by 82% of users and consumers who viewed television or prints ads that caught their attention went on to do further research online.

Based on the study it is hard to ignore how critical smartphones have become to people's daily lives. It is important now to leverage this tool and ensure that your business is on the forefront of this strategy! Contant Hudson Horizons to learn more!

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