The Importance of SEO Landing Pages

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Posted in Search Engine Optimization on April 17, 2013

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How SEO landing pages can help your websiteAfter building a website, you should hope that visitors can easily find you on the web. The more specific question is whether your visitors know what you want them to do and if your website encourages them to do those things. The point of a landing page is to guide your visitor t their desired result, which should also be what they want once they arrive at your landing page.

The Benefit of Landing Pages

Your website might have some great information, but why does it exist? Ultimately, you want to gain new clients or customers. Encouraging appointments, sales and other interaction with visitors then becomes essential. Landing pages strip out other content or highlight a specific product/action in a way that makes the reader that much more likely to perform the action. When visitors are done reading any page, they want to know "What Now?” Landing pages clearly answer that question.

You'll want to use landing pages as the target for advertisements you purchase. Thus, if your link reads "Find out more about Jersey SEO” the specific landing page will have that information and motivate the reader to contact for an appointment or to learn more. Because the visitor clicked on a specific text or banner, they expect answers to be addressed on your landing page. If you give them the link to your index instead, readers might exit your site without ever finding the information they're looking for. Even worse, the lack of a landing page might send potential customers to a competitor's site, which does have a landing page.

Why creat an SEO landing page?

Types of Landing Pages

While landing pages often exist to convince your visitors to make a purchase, that's not the only type of landing page that exists. Consider the following types:

  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Community/account registration
  • Downloads/e-books
  • Product Purchase
  • Contact call/e-mail

Tips for Your Landing Page

Every landing page needs at least a couple paragraphs of unique content that is well written. Google will index this, and your copy should contain relevant keywords while remaining readable to human visitors. Headlines are part of that copy, and your keywords should appear in them.

Furthermore, landing pages should specifically cater to one product, service or need. This is what increases your conversation rates. Consumers like options, but not too many. Provide them with a few choices, tell them which is best or suggest alternatives, but keep it limited.

While no one wants to see giant, red text blink at them, your landing pages will be most successful when you use a call to action such as:

  • Call/Purchase/Compare/Download Now
  • Enter Your Contact Info
  • Get A Quote
  • Contact Us

Set your call to action apart with bold or colored text or a unique background. This makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, what your visitor should do while helping your SEO.

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SEO Training Philippines posted on: December 31, 2013

I always put call-to-action buttons on home pages.

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