The Benefits of Using The Google Keyword Tool

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Posted in Google Products on February 11, 2013

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The Google keyword tool is a great tool to help you maximize earnings potential for your site. Not only will higher paying keywords attract more advertising revenue, the use of the right keywords will increase traffic to your site. Listed below are a few strategies that can be beneficial, when attempting to include relevant keywords on your businesses website.

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What Are People Searching For Right Now?

You can find out what people are searching for right now by searching for recent keyword trends. This is a a great strategy because you don't want to miss out on a keyword that could possibly drive thousands of extra page views. For example, consider using keywords that are associated with Valentine’s Day in New Jersey during the month of February. This specific tactic should work effectively because people will be interested in Valentine’s Day gift ideas, events, restaurants, etc.

How Much Competition Is There For A Particular Keyword Or Phrase?

If there is a high amount of competition for a particular keyword, it may be difficult to see a traffic increase to your page. However, too little competition can signal that a particular keyword is not searched for on a regular basis. Your keywords should be relevant enough without showing up too often within keyword searches.

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What Related Search Terms Are Available For Use?

For any given keyword, there are related keyword searches that people may be using to find sites that are similar to yours. Using the Google keyword tool allows you to gain insight into what those related searches are. This feature can help to incorporate your target keywords in many different ways throughout your site. It also gives you good ideas as to how you can rephrase certain keywords if they don't flow naturally in their current form. For example, you may have a target keyword phrase of SEO New Jersey. Attempt trying New Jersey SEO or New Jersey SEO firms to see how your competition results will be altered.

Have You Missed A Keyword?

When it comes to driving traffic, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Even if you choose not to incorporate a keyword into your text, it is important to at least understand all of your options. Not holding knowledge of what specific keywords and phrases are being searched for by your target audience can have a negative effect on your company.

The Google keyword tool should be utilized by anyone who runs a website that depends on SEO to drive traffic or offers SEO services to their customers. The chances for success are always much higher when you have sophisticated analysis of the words and phrases that will drive the maximum amount of traffic.

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