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Posted in Social Media on April 3, 2013

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If you've read more than one article about making social media work for you, then you've seen some of the same advice repeatedly. There are some things that you should absolutely be done, such as completely filling out your profile. When signing up for sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is important to remain active, engage your target audience and not spam users.

Get On Google+

Google+ LogoIf you haven't created a page for your professional presences on Google+, you're missing out. The search engine giant gives a lot of weight to content that appears on its social network, even if it hasn't become as popular as Twitter or Facebook. Not only can you link to your own websites and publish updates to your page, but users have the opportunity to use relevant keywords in your profile information.

Your followers will see updates above organic search results, which gives your site a notable boost. Use your Google+ account to promote new and recent blog posts directly on your feed. Sharing blogs regularly will allow Google to pull your photos directly from your Google+ page, which will ultimately make listings appear more trustworthy. Google has been smart about combining SEO with social media, and practicing the two regularly can only help you gain an increased amount of exposure.

Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons

There are two things to remember when it comes to social media icons, use them and don’t forget to include alt text. In essence, visitors can only find your company on Facebook if they know you're on it. While you might tell them in person or Facebook users search for you, it's a whole lot easier to add social media icons to your website. Social media icons should be the same size and placed in a location where they are easy to find. Popular locations for the icons are normally at the very top or bottom of your website, along with navigation bars.

Secondly, adding alt text attributes to these images. Something simple like "Follow @[username] on Twitter" will make it simple for search engines to pick up. Adding alt tags will also help your SEO efforts and will appear even if the icons fail to load for any reason. Another way users can locate you a bit easier, is to place your actually username within the alt text field.

Social Media Done Right

Each social media network you sign up for should be utilized to its greatest potential to achieve maximum results. Remember that most websites include fields for you to add the URLs to your other accounts. For example, Pinterest has a spot where users can enter their Twitter username. If you have trouble keeping track of your online presence, consider creating a spreadsheet to track the websites, usernames and followers statistics.

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