Search Engine Optimization and this Year’s Presidential Election

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Posted in On Page SEO on July 25, 2012

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Presidential campaigns are getting nastier and nastier pinning everyone against everyone. Right, left? Who to vote for is the question on everyone’s minds and this year voters will take to the web. Voters worldwide will get their Google on in order to help gather as much information on the candidates. Search Engines can help you find information on a certain candidate and something you are for or against. Search engine algorithms have become more advanced and better at assisting you gather the right information for your search.

Say you are a Green advocate; you must know how terrible fracking is for the environment and for all living beings of the beautiful planet Earth. If you want to know where your candidate stands on this subject you would simply Google, “is Obama pro-fracking?” Thanks to SEO, you will be able to view hundreds of pages concerning fracking and our POTUS. Yes fracking has brought on jobs to the US and will continue in its efforts, but you will read about how terrible it is for our environment.

If you want to know more about Mitt Romney and what he’s known for you would just Google his name and some of his faults you’ll see his incident with his dog in his car, the fact that he hasn’t disclosed his tax information, and so much more. The World Wide Web along with the help of Search Engine Optimization will help voters find the information they need to make their decisions this coming November.

For those who have political blogs or comment about politics, you will most likely get more traffic to your site this upcoming fall. Writers need to keep in mind the importance of their keyword usage and how you word your anchor text. Backlinking in your blog is crucial as well; this will be your evidence for what you are writing on a specific candidate. It seems Infographics are a new source of grabbing the reader’s attention as well. Candidates should keep a close eye on how SEO can affect their campaigns this year and focus on reputation management.


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