Pinterest SEO: 3 Quick Tips to Help Brands Optimize and Rank in Google

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Posted in Social Media on March 20, 2012

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Pinterest may just be the quickest growing social network to date.  Despite still being ‘invite-only’, this visual social discovery network caught the attention of the masses, growing an impressive 4000% in the past six months alone. Many businesses, however, have not yet begun to harness the incredible power and capabilities of Pinterest


In addition to users visually discovering your products and services, Pinterest also has the potential to effectively drive traffic back to your site. Over time, pinning and re-pinning will help boost your business SEO through Pinterest. 

Here are 3 quick ways to optimize Pinterest for search engines:

  1. Profile: Editing your profile is an important step to help with your Pinterest SEO. Include relevant keywords in your description, add a link back to your website and make sure your visibility allows search engines to see you so all of your SEO efforts don’t go to waste.
  2. Optimize Boards: The title of your pinboards should be optimized based on the keywords you are trying to rank for.  So if your board displays recent web design and development work, make sure you illustrate this in your board title and description. Choosing relevant categories is also important to help users find you.
  3. Optimize Pins: Keywords in your description is ideal when optimizing each pin. Consumers will be reading this when re-pinning, however, so make sure your content doesn’t sound spammy. Linking back to your website here is an important way for you to connect users and search engines alike back to the original source- your website.  

These three quick tips will help your business enhance its’ search engine optimization using the world’s quickest growing social networking site: Pinterest.

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