Location Based Marketing for Restaurants

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Posted in Online Marketing and Promotions on February 18, 2011

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Location based marketing is the next level in social media marketing. If your business is not on Foursquare, Facebook Places, Twitter, or even a site called Gowalla then you're not marketing your business properly. These social networking sites now have features called "Checking in" that allow businesses and consumers to connect on a different level.

For example, people are not only going to a restaurant but they are "checking in" via their mobile phone. Location Based MarketingOnce they click the checking-in button, it instantly tells all their friends connected to Foursquare, twitter or Facebook, exactly where they are at the current moment. The restaurant's name will appear on whatever media they are connected too. Free advertising! Along with free advertising, you can offer incentive for your customers to check-in. Another example would be; "Checking-in to Bluemoon Tavern for a complimentary drink!" This will drive business, create buzz, and ultimately result in more revenue for your business. 

It is not just restaurant's that are participating in this location based marketing. Other businesses such as grocery stores, movie theaters and travel sites are jumping at the chance to market their business by offering specials such as coupons or discounts that people can pursue at their leisure.

With the explosion of social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are vital tools when marketing your products and services, to a wide range of people. Facebook now has over 600 million users. Twitter has over 175 million users, and foursquare is growing at a rapid rate; they just added their 6,000,000 member a few weeks ago! Where else can you find that kind of audience with one click of a button?


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