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Posted in On Page SEO on February 14, 2013

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In years past, it would have been a great marketing strategy to stuff your content with keywords that people would search for. However, successful websites now include quality content as opposed to just random words pasted on a page. Therefore, consider marketing your content to humans just as much as you consider marketing your content to search engines.

Optimize your website's content to be SE)-Friendly!
Don’t Want Scam Your Readers

If a reader is looking for SEO Companies in NJ, they want to go to a website that they trust. It is important to remember that everyone is searching for a different reason. Remember to answer as many common questions through your sites content, and keep the reader in mind. Once a visitor of your website can detect you are a reliable source is when they will possibly click through additional on site pages.

Content Should Sound Natural

Never be under the impression that putting keywords into your text is a bad move or not helpful. Always make sure that your content sounds natural to the reader. In other words, insert keywords into the text that are informative. For example, if your keyword was “San Francisco, California,” you might consider adding those words in a sentence describing where your office is located or on a page describing the city.

Good Content Can Be Shared In An Effective Manner

A spun piece of content that stuffs keywords and offers no value to the reader cannot be shared with your Facebook friends or be linked to another blog or website. However, a quality piece of content can be posted to your blog, linked on Twitter and shared with various media outlets as a press release if you were looking to give your website a lot of attention.

Make a Name for Yourself

As more and more people link to your site, you will be seen as an authority in your field. This is because Google will identify the author of a particular page just as it will identify the website that the content was posted on. If you do a good job creating quality content that people enjoy, more traffic should be generated with each subsequent post. In the case of a medical professional, being able to point to work that you have published about SEO or social media tips can help you gain new clients because they will see you as a proven expert of your specific industry.

Content marketing is important if you want your company and website to be taken seriously. Strive to provide relevant information to your readers. In the SEO industry, accurate and timely information can allow your business to stand out amongst competitors.

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