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Posted in On Page SEO on March 25, 2011

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Websites are important for businesses today because everyone is connected and by connected I mean online. Whether it is on a Blackberry, Smartphone, PC, or iPad, we are all someone how connected to the internet. The only problem is that there are millions of websites to choose from online. The question then is how do you get your businesses website to stand out among the competition? This can be tricky but the key to website traffic success is SEO.

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, an essential ingredient to any successful website. SEO is the process of optimizing content on the page so that it is properly structured to be crawled and indexed by the search engines. SEO will be a big part in getting your website to the top of the SERP on any search engine.


Here are a few steps you can take to increase your websites traffic:

  • KEYWORDS! Do you know how important keywords are? They will be a vital piece to the SEO puzzle. Choosing the proper keywords, depending on the content of the website, will help your page climb to the top of the SERP's. Figure out what people will be typing into the search engine box in relation to your service or product that you are selling. Once you come up with the words that will be most commonly searched then you can integrate them in your titles and content on your page.
  • BLOGGING is important for a website. When you participate in the blogging world then you become more relevant to the search engines. The more you blog the more your site gets indexed and the more you begin to appear to the search engines as a valuable website. Also do not forget to participate in other people's blogs. Comment and share thoughts on the topics they write about without seeming promotional of your own website. If you do this, you will be marked as spam. Once the bloggers see your interest in the community, they will be sure to link back to your website.
  • CONTENT on your website is also crucial. Be sure that the information you are giving the people who are visiting your website is relevant to the product or service you are providing. Be aware of spelling and grammar of course, and keep the visitors wanting more. Having an interactive site will not only attract people to visit the website but it will keep them on the website for longer periods of time and result in more frequent visits.

With these simple steps you can start improving your websites traffic. These are simple, easy, and effective ways of generating more traffic while keeping the traffic to your website steady. Don't forget to use your keywords, blog and respond to others blogs, and produce great content for the users.

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