How to Utilize LinkedIn to Market your Business

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Posted in Online Marketing and Promotions on February 22, 2013

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LinkedIn | Network with Industry ProfessionalsWhen it comes to social media marketing, small business owners often spend most of their time on Facebook and Twitter. While these are excellent ways to improve influence and develop an online presence, consider adding LinkedIn to further promote your business. Small business owners should recognize LinkedIn as a great place to connect with industry professionals, and enhance their company image.

LinkedIn has some impressive statistics that will compel anyone liable to dismiss it as a small player in the social media network to think again. 65 million people frequent it the professional social network on a daily basis. Moreover, these are business professionals who may potentially be an asset to your company. The demographics of Facebook and Twitter vary, but LinkedIn holds a much more mature user base.

LinkedIn attracts people from all over the world, and many of these people are affluent. In fact, the estimated median household income for LinkedIn users is $109,000. This website is always busy and growing at a staggering rate—one person will log in every second! It is the recommended platform to meet independent small business owners, as well as decision-makers of large corporations.

Get Started

It’s easy to get started on LinkedIn. The process can be broken down into three basic steps:

1. Register for a free account to get your log-in username and password.
2. Use the sites online tutorials to learn how it works.
3. Setup a personal profile and business page.


People who use LinkedIn for marketing purposes usually prefer one of two styles of marketing. One style is soft-selling, while the other is using strong promotional efforts. Both ways work well and the choice is mainly one of personal preference, goals, time and resources.

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Soft-selling is the most common selling method on LinkedIn. After setting up your profile, most users simply use a "maintenance approach" to promote their business.

Here are three ways businesses can soft-sell their business on LinkedIn:

1. Your company presence on LinkedIn automatically gives them exposure to people who may be looking for their services.

2. Most users can find your business because of the site’s powerful search feature. One way to boost search results is to learn how to use Google Keyword tool to improve the quality of keywords used to identify your business.

3. Introduce yourself to new people through a mutual connection or colleague on LinkedIn.

4. Write recommendations for coworkers that you feel have proved themselves within their job title. Your recommendations will display publically and can influence new users to connect with you.


LinkedIn is also suitable for those interested in strong promotional efforts.

Below are 7 ways to get your company message across to new users on LinkedIn.

1. Use the update feature to post regular content, sharing information about your activities and projects.

2. Participate in groups.

3. Message others on LinkedIn.

4. Send invitations to connect.

5. Answer questions raised by other users.

6. Utilize the paid advertising feature on LinkedIn.

7. Upgrade to a paid membership to get more options on how to contact additional users.

Of course, it’s important to not be a spammer or a pest and to contact people for legitimate reasons other than pitching them about your business. One way of staying aggressive while not being offensive is to create great content on a regular basis. Share links to blogs, press releases and company news on LinkedIn for fresh activity.

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