How to Successfully Market your Band on Facebook

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Posted in Social Media on July 18, 2011

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How to Successfully Market your Band on Facebook

With Facebook’s unwavering rise and Myspace’s imminent death, it is now more important than ever for musical artists to establish themselves on Facebook. A thriving Facebook Fan Page for bands means new fans and new listens every day. Here’s how to market your band on Facebook.

Stay (Inter)Active

A major function of your Facebook Fan Page is to keep your fans informed. Let them know how recording went today, any new shows that have been scheduled, or anything else you feel like sharing. Posts don’t all have to be related to the band; quite simply, more posts by you equals more page activity. In addition, keep your fan base involved. Ask questions, post contests, and watch the comments and “likes” fly (of course, it does help to be Jay-Z).

Even for Bands, Visuals are Key

Your band might make the greatest music in the world, but if your page has no pictures or video, you are not going to get many views. Your fans can listen to you on their iPod; they often come to your Facebook page to see you. Take a few minutes to post some pictures, a live video, or a full-on music video if you have one, and you will greatly increase the appeal of your page.


Take advantage of some outside resources for your Facebook Page. RootMusic is a popular music player for your Page – it has a free version as well as one that costs money. There are other apps available that can display your tour dates, music videos, and more in a very organized and aesthetically-pleasing fashion. Additionally, you can integrate with pages outside of Facebook. Bandcamp is a popular, free site for bands that allows users to choose how much to charge for their music and gives statistics on plays and downloads. Link to your Bandcamp page! Link to your band’s Twitter and blog as well. All of these can be connected through Facebook.

Beyond the Computer

No matter how good your Facebook Page is, it is not going to get attention unless your music is worth listening to. Make sure you have a quality product before you start promoting it. Once you get there, you can take Facebook further than the limits of your computer. Put your Facebook Fan Page URL on the inside of your album cover. Tell fans at concerts to “like” you on Facebook. Have a mailing list sign up at shows, and in your newsletters, link to your Facebook. Gaining “likes” is one of the toughest challenges in maintaining a Fan Page, and taking advantage of all opportunities, both on the computer and off, is the best way to achieve this goal.

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