How to Increase Sales for your NJ Small Business through SEO

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Posted in Article Marketing on September 30, 2010

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Increases sales and traffic to a small business owner's website has become a big topic of discussion. Small business owners need to have a business plan that involves marketing their company through the web. Whether they are able to do search engine optimization by themselves or if they out-source it to a company, this is a vital step in their company succeeding.

4 Simple Steps in Optimizing a Webpage:

  1. Page Title - Each page should have its own title and description so that the search engines can know what it is about.
  2. Body Content - The information that is published on the website needs to be well written, in which keywords can be used but to a respectable limit. The content has to be good and should make sense to readers.SEO Process
  3. Anchor Text - This is described as the clickable text on your website that links to your product/service or maybe even another website. Please avoid using "click here" and instead use an actual part of the text that is being written and has to do with the link. Irrelevant links have no place here.
  4. Meta Tags - Meta Tags is divided into 3 parts that search engines like Google use to index a website.
    • Tag Titles: Located within the header of a page, should included some keywords that link back to your business, and less than 80 Characters.
    • Tag Keywords: In 20 keywords or less, describe the page of your website with keywords that would link back to the website.
    • Tag Description: The description written here, 200 characters or less, shows up on Google when your site is searched. It is just a basic description of your website.

Search engine optimization is a growing field of internet marketing and highly sought after by companies looking to increases the traffic to their website, especially the magnitude of their sales to a new level. For small businesses, SEO can offer a new world of opportunities, and help small business owners understand how to "Optimize their webpage".


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