How to Build Strong Website Backlinks

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Build high quality website backlinksBuilding backlinks to your website is one way to get your site listed higher in search engine results. A page that is listed in the first page will get significantly more traffic than pages listed in the second page or lower. Therefore, it is important that you understand how to gain strong backlinks to improve the image of your site.

Comment on Popular Blogs

When you comment on a blog, leave a link to your own blog as part of the comment. Typically, this will be accomplished by using your signature as a link back to your blog. However, you may be able to post a link in the comment itself if your blog has content that would be useful to the reader. Whenever you leave a link pointing from a popular site, you get credited with a link back to your page from an authority site. This makes you look credible by association.

Submit Content to Article Directories

Article directories let anyone post content as long as the content adheres to certain standards. In most cases, your content must be unique, written by a human and must pass an editorial review. Spun content or content that has been published elsewhere cannot be submitted. The good news is that you can leave a link to your site in your author bio or once or twice throughout the article. With hundreds of article directories on the Internet, you can gain a multitude of backlinks through these directories.

Leverage Social Networks

Social media is a great place for people to post links to sites that they want to share with their friends. If you have a robust network, your social media friends will post hundreds or even thousands of links pointing back to your site. The sheer number of links pointing back to your site will tell the search engines that you have something that needs to be seen. Therefore, your site will be pushed higher in the search results page.

Build a Link Chain

A link chain is the practice of linking to content on one site that you own on a variety of different sites. For example, if you run a sports website, you might post to an article that you wrote on a sports blog. You then can post the link to the link on your social media profiles. That gives you three links without having to work for them. However, make sure that you are linking in appropriate places while giving the reader something interesting and relevant to read at the same time.

Backlinks are one way to determine if a page is worthy of being listed on the front page of the search results. If you can garner these quality links, you will look like an authority while helping to boost sales and attract advertisers to your page.

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Is it okay to submit blogs with same content to different article submission sites?

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