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By Eric Johnson (484 words)
Posted in Article Marketing on June 1, 2010

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onpageoptimizationseo.jpgThere are so many different ways to be recognized, what will you do to be listed as the number one Hotel in New Jersey. The best option is using Search Engine Optimization, and implementing on page as well as off page SEO.

An organic listing may help to guarantee your way to the top. The overall use of SEO is a managed process that enables your website to appear with the best listings on the search engine pages. There are two major components: on page optimization and off page optimization, here are some benefits of each.
On page optimization consists of multiple parts which all help in providing something that is a little extra for the website and help it to get recognized much quicker than with-out.

  •  Meta Data- One of the key ingredients to getting your website's information indexed into search engines. It is composed of a title, description and keywords. The title may be the most important factor, it states what the page is about and also helps search engines to decipher and or categorize your webpage.
  • Interlinking- This is a good technique to build the importance of the links within your website. Interlinking involves including a link on your page that links to another page of your website. For example if your company has a website in the retail industry and offers online shopping, you may link to a "check out" page. Once a visitor has chosen the item they would like to purchase they will click this link which will direct them to the page where they can make the payment to have the order shipped.
  • Content to code ratio- In order to be ranked higher by search engines it is important to incorporate the largest amount of content to the smallest amount of html code. The higher the content to code ratio the better rankings your webpage will receive.

  • Alt Tags- When using images for you webpage, it may be useful to include alt text for each image visitors will encounter. To help increase your rankings in search engines fill alt tags with keywords. Another advantage is that it makes your site more accessible to visitors with disabilities because text readers are able to be used. Alt tags are like reinforcement for your page and its content.

Off page optimization is also a key component which is extremely beneficial in search engine recognition and increased website visitation.

  • Link building- In relation to rankings, make or break your site with link popularity. To help clarify, it is the number and quality of incoming links that are focusing on your site. It is crucial to set a good foundation for link building. Some examples are press releases, articles, blogs and directory submissions.

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