Google Testing Out Infinite Scroll; Will it Make the Switch? And How Would it Affect SEO?

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Posted in Article Marketing on September 19, 2011

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Facebook has it. Twitter has it. Heck, even Google Images has it. Yet, as of today, Google’s web search still does not have it: an infinite scroll feature. Users searching on Google still have to click to navigate from page one to page two to page three to page 500 of results. The end of this system, however, may be near.

Last month, Google confirmed that it is indeed testing out the infinite scroll feature. In this new system, the word Google with ten O’s would be replaced by a button that simply says “show more results.” The picture below illustrates this design. It is a simple concept that would make things easier for viewers: no more clicking back and forward, just simple scrolling up and down.

Google Infinite Scroll

It would also be beneficial, presumably, for business and websites that do not make it to the number one page of Google search results. Since scrolling, and keeping everything on one page, is much more convenient and easier than navigating back and forth between multiple pages, users would be far more likely to look further than just page one on Google.

In other words, if Google adopts infinite scroll, it will lessen the importance of search engine optimization. Obviously, SEO will still be vastly important, as no one is going to scroll down 30 pages, but the difference between page two and three would be much less stark. Could this mean companies will stop paying as much attention to SEO? That doesn’t sound like a very savvy idea, but perhaps some will.

For any of that to happen, Google first has to adopt infinite scroll; as of now, there are no indications beyond the testing that it will.

Do you think Google will adopt the infinite scroll feature? And how will that affect SEO? Leave your comments below. And for all your Google and SEO news, make sure to check out the Hudson Horizons blog.  

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