Google Penguin Freezes Out Panda: Improving Your SEO

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Posted in Article Marketing on June 13, 2012

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Google has been making drastic changes to its search engine algorithm. Website owners affected by Penguin should evaluate their website for any issues that may cause the website to fall in the rankings. For website owners that feel they have been unfairly demoted by Penguin, Google has released a form to dispute the ranking. In an effort to reduce the amount of spam at the top of search results, Penguin attempts to provide users with a more useful search experience.

Website owners need to concern themselves with organic methods to increase search engine rankings. Obtaining links from websites with greater visibility improves the ranking of your website. While websites that have ranks from non-related websites find that their website ranking falls. For this reason, it's important to only put high-quality links on a website and avoid posting spammy links on forums, or attempting to join a link farm.

Perhaps the best advice to avoid having to worry about search engine optimization regardless of what Google decides to do to their search algorithm is to simply provide high-quality, well-written and original content. Google tries to provide value to its customers and it does so by searching out and demoting sites that clearly exist only to make money off advertisements. Keep advertisements on a website out of the users way and avoid scams that attempt to get visitors to click on ads to get one step closer towards improving website rankings.

Websites that haven't existed for long, or that have short renewal agreements, may also find that their website has dropped in the rankings. Purchase the longest domain registration affordable to indicate a desire to develop the website over the long-term. 

Avoid using anchor text on a website, or links that are obviously purchased by an advertiser. Inserting obvious keywords into a link just to improve rankings lessens the quality of the website and Penguin negatively ranks sites that follow these practices. Additionally, avoid links that direct to questionable websites, article marketing sites in which content gets produced on a mass-level, or too many keywords that relate to the website. If the content of the website deals with music, placing the word "music" in each text of the page several times actually reduces the validity and ranking of the page. Aim for natural looking text to ensure SEO success.

Finally, look for some good old-fashioned plagiarism on the net. Programs exist to allow you to search for duplicate content on the web. If the results show that content on a website has been copied without the owners consent, contact the website caught plagiarizing. When a website that has plagiarized has been discovered a DMCA report can be filed to remove the duplicate content, ensuring that your site does not get penalized for thievery.

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