Google Analytics Unveils New Filters

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Posted in Google Products on June 5, 2013

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New Google Analytics FiltersSo many people have come to rely on Google Analytics to track hits, the success of social media campaigns and every other aspect of website popularity and marketing strategy, that the very name of the tool has become synonymous with stat tracking. It's good news, then, that Google has added filters, which further allow users of Google Analytics to see exactly the data that interests them in the way that they find most useful.

The majority of the filters offer even more detailed, or granular, information about a website's visitors. Webmasters can use this information to improve marketing to users of a specific currency or smartphone, which wasn't possible before. Filters are optional, only gathering data after a user of Google Analytics has enabled them. For some people, this level of granularity isn't necessary; however, serious marketers will see the benefit of Google's new filters as they use them to modify marketing campaigns. Comparing how viewers act based on their connections, screen sizes and social network usage could be very insightful for increasing leads. Not only can developers improve SEO on the small scale, but none of this costs a dime.

One area where Google has specifically focuses is with mobile devices. Prior to these new filters, Analytics simply grouped all mobile traffic together. Whether visitors were browsing from an iPhone, an old camera phone or even a Kindle Fire, their data was measured and displayed as the same. Now, website owners can see some pretty detailed information about mobile users. The screen size option, for example, allows users to differentiate between tablets, which often have 7-inch or 10-inch screens, and smartphones.

Other new mobile filters include brand and model, mobile name -- for differentiating between versions of a phone such as a Galaxy S III on AT&T or Verizon -- physical or on-screen keyboard capabilities, support for NFC and whether the phone uses the mobile network or a Wi-Fi connection. The big benefit of all these new filters is that marketers no longer have to know the details, including screen size, of every phone to determine what visitors were using. Furthermore, developers of mobile websites and apps can focus on the people who actually log on and know exactly how apps or sites will look to those visitors.

Google has also added some cool new social filters. For instance, webmasters have the power to see which social network brought a visitor, while filters can track actions such as "Liking" or sharing a post on Facebook. Although some tools or widgets already do this on a website, having this information at a glance saves time, and viewing metrics for multiple social networks from within Google Analytics is obviously a lifesaver.

ECommerce developers have the option to view currency, while Google Analytics now tracks on-site search results, which developers can use to highlight content that visitors are looking for. We've no doubt that these new tools will help marketers who are concerned with increasing traffic and sales on their websites.

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