Choosing Keywords for your New Jersey Florist Website

By Eric Johnson (533 words)
Posted in New Jersey SEO on May 5, 2010

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Implementing keywords throughout your page content and Meta tags is important, but using simple keywords that pertain to your business might become more of a waste of time than you think. The goal of every business is to be ranked by the search engines and create a credible internet presence. It is virtually impossible however, to rank in the search engines with terms such as "flowers" and "florist". Search engines are now making it easier for certain terms, but this is often based on where the person or business is located. But this raises a big question, what happens if someone outside of your local area is looking for your business?

A couple years ago, keywords such as "New Jersey florist" might have been enough for the search engines. Today, the search engines have changed and people are using the web smarter to keep up with the changes. In that case, New Jersey florist would have to prove some more to come up with a list of keywords that will further optimize your website. Here is a breakdown of what you should be focusing on:

1. The first and most important step is to choose where to focus your efforts, this means locations. It is important that you be reasonable when choosing locations as this goal should be manageable. Keep it simple to start, do not aim to reach your entire state rather, use the exact town where your business is located. If you are located in a rural area you may choose to use a larger neighboring town but in addition to your own.

2. Make note of all the possible variations that can be used to write your town name. For example, words like Port, Saint, Mount, etc. can all be abbreviated. Write down what you consider to be the top five or more possible abbreviations and choose the most popular. If this proves to be harder than you think, feel free to ask people's opinions or do a Google search to check what is used most often.

If you have multiple towns you are trying to optimize your website for you will have to use these steps for each town individually. In other words, you will have a list for each town you do business in. An example list would look as follows.

{Your Town} Florist (still the most popular, but not necessarily the best)
Florist in {Your Town}
Flowers {Your Town}
{Your Town} Flowers
Flower Delivery {Your Town}
{Your Town} Flower Delivery
Send Flowers to {Your Town}

Feel free to use this list for your own business. Remember that it can be personalized to meet the demands or services offered by your particular New Jersey florist website. For example, Birthday flowers {Your Town} can also be used. I must mention that these words are all to be used for the development and optimization of your website. When it comes to building and optimizing your New Jersey florist website homepage, only use the most important keywords.

There you have it! Your very own list of keywords for your business website, hope this information was useful. If you need further expert help with choosing keywords for your New Jersey florist website contact New Jersey SEO Company.

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