Can SEO Be Your Business Advantage?

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Posted in Search Engine Optimization on December 28, 2012

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{#/pub/images/articlemarketing.jpg}Search engine optimization is about a lot more than strategic keyword placement and optimized code. SEO isabout human nature. The face of the internet is constantly changing, and what it is changing into is startlingly human. Google's search engineers are purposefully creating their new engines to think like people. Smart businesses should be looking for ways to play into this trend to give them an edge in the competitive internet market.

Intuitive SEO is about predicting the next steps in the process, tracing the logic these search engine geniuses follow and extrapolating from past trends. Gone are the days when websites can get away with "keyword stuffing" to improve their Google ranking. Google knows those tactics and has started penalizing websites that do it.

As Google has adapted, many websites have seen their ratings slide up and down. Competitors using underhanded techniques have been exposed, and internet users have been disenchanted with the streams of link spam and awkwardly worded, obviously placed keywords on websites. Superior SEO, as it adapts to the new systems, will survive these changes and continue to give businesses an advantage online.

Far beyond basic website optimization, SEO can:

  • Approaches challenges from multiple angles
  • Identify new markets
  • Give your business longevity
  • Improve your reach
  • Give your business exposure through new avenues
  • Identify you as a leader in your field

There is a term used in internet marketing called "evergreen." Things that are evergreen have longevity, whether they undying trends or a website with staying power. Chocolates on Valentine's Day are as evergreen as Google searches have been. Powerful SEO is designed to help make your website stay "evergreen" by helping you adapt to evolving trends.

Quality SEO provides a gold mine of search data. Mapping market trends is only one part of the game; what truly matters is who is finding you and how. SEO firms can break down the search data relevant to your website and pinpoint trends that will work to your advantage. There may be an entire market visiting your site that you are unaware of just waiting to be tapped.

Smart online article marketing is poised to become one of the strongest forces in SEO. Articles feel human and tangible to potential customers. They couch your business in terms of being informative instead of being a billboard. Articles can help establish trust between customers and your business.

Our company uses articles as a vehicle for multiple marketing campaigns, including:

  • Product and service launches
  • Showcasing recognition for awards
  • Offering valuable advice to consumers
  • Giving industry insights and opinions

Through this and other approaches, SEO is an incredibly powerful tool for your business. It is an investment in your company's exposure and positive reputation that will put you ahead of the crowd. As the internet changes, so will SEO, and your business with evolve and improve with it.

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