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Posted in Article Marketing on April 4, 2012

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is the newest Social Networking site on the Internet. With features of Facebook, Linkedn and even YouTube combined into one it’s hard for the site to not be popular. However, Google+ also has some unexpected benefits for businesses.  If you want to use it for your benefit then you have to know how it works.  A few of the benefits that Google+ can provide for your Company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) include:

•    Increased views
•    Free Advertisement
•    Prioritized Quality Content
•    Share Capabilities


Have you ever worked with your content to produce high quality and relevant content for your site only to find that someone using only keywords comes up before you in a search? Luckily, Google+ helps to eliminate this factor using +1.

Google’s  +1 button is available on most sites across the internet. The button is very similar to the Facebook ‘Like’ button which has also been used for SEO purposes. Hitting the +1 will automatically share the content to your Google+ Profile. However, what it will also do is register with Google’s web search program as a website with worthwhile content. The idea is that if someone likes something enough to share it, the content must be worthwhile.

The sites that have the most +1’s come up first on Google when you search for keywords. This does render some of the old keyword usage obsolete, but the new algorithm for search uses both keywords and +1’s.


Another great SEO tool that Google+ uses is ‘Sparks’. Your +1 feed also works directly with a Google program called Sparks which suggests and displays content based on the +1’s that your friends and contacts have added to their profile. While Sparks can decrease the visibility of your company if you aren’t careful it is very easy to increase the hits, views and +1’s by simply becoming more socially active. A socially active company can drastically improve their SEO by working on Google+ and contacting customers and potential clients. For each +1 that your customers give your Google+ page you will get free advertisement. Not only will your business appear on their page but their friends will be recommended your business through Sparks.


If you have a Google+ account than you know what a Circle is. If not, it is a group that can be named, shown specific content and even restricted from areas of your profile. Common circles include friends, coworkers, etc. However, as a business you can also create circles of customers and chose to show them specific content and give the group a specific name. Google frequently scans circles and directs advertisements based on the circles. For example, if you create a circle of customers who are interested in SEO services than Google will direct SEO advertisements towards them.

Overall, Google+ helps your company’s SEO because it works to provide personalized advertisement. That means that the people who see your advertisements are probably interested in your company.

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