Blogging for Businesses: Tips for an SEO Friendly Blog

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Posted in Blogging on June 19, 2012

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Blogs have become one of the most powerful social media platforms for businesses. In order to maintain a successful blog, SEO is of the utmost importance. Keep these SEO tips in mind when creating your next blog post and increase your site traffic.


Utilize Keywords

Keywords are important because they let both the reader and search engine know what your blog is about. These words will typically come naturally to the writer because they tie into the blog topic as a whole.  You should include keywords in the blog title, and at the beginning and end of the post. Although keywords should be used throughout the post, they should be relevant to the context to avoid redundancy.

Incorporate Links

Links are another crucial component of SEO friendly blogs because they give your blog value in the eyes of a search engine. When used as anchor text, links let the search engine know what your article is about, giving it authority over posts lacking links.  If you link a word or phrase to a previous post about a related topic, both search engines and internet users will consider your blog more relevant, resulting in more traffic. Another way to utilize anchor text is to link to highly-ranked outside sources. This way, the search engine will associate your blog with other reliable sources and increase your rankings.

Include Tags

Most blogging platforms allow tagging at the end of a blog post. Tags, like links and keywords, help categorize your blog so that both search engines and humans can find what they’re looking for. Tags should be specific to the topic of the blog so that Google and other search engines can categorize the content of your post.

In conclusion…

An SEO friendly blog will undoubtedly increase blog traffic, but the content must be interesting and well-written. Many bloggers make the mistake of writing posts that appeal to search engines, but lack quality. No matter how high your blog is ranked on Google, readers will not return if your blog doesn’t stand out. A good blog post should be informative, organized and original. If possible, your post should also be entertaining. If you can thoroughly inform the readers while keeping them attentive and entertained, an SEO friendly blog will drastically improve traffic to your site.

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