Blogging Tips Especially for New Jersey Contractors

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Posted in Blogging on April 21, 2010

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Blogging for a New Jersey contracting company can help increase traffic and sales. Now that you have your website up and running, here are some useful tips to use when blogging for your New Jersey Contracting company.

Using Keywords - since you are now focusing on discussing your New Jersey business, which should not be difficult to do, you should include keywords and phrases within your posts. Also, linking these key words to relevant pages on your New Jersey business website will help visitors find more information.

Categories - Make sure that your blog categories are relevant to your industry and contain keywords. Most importantly, when posting select only one category to avoid creating duplicate content within your blog. Examples of categories include: New Jersey contractors, contractor blog, New Jersey contractor blog, contractor services and New Jersey contractor services. Also, you can include county specific categories such as Bergen county contractors, etc.

Post regularly - creating a blog signifies a great deal of commitment from the business. Posting regularly increases the amount of link backs to your website as well as the page rank. The more posts you do, the better it is for optimization as well as creating new client prospects.

Blogging creates many new business opportunities for your New Jersey business. Simply remember that when writing your blogs it is important to be yourself. Express your topic in a manner that allows the reader to relate to you. Many visitors are more interested in the meaning and information provided within your blog post then the actual tone.


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