6 Social Media Tips for SEO Success in 2012

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Posted in Social Media on December 6, 2011

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In order to maximize on business success in the new year, your company must focus on a few key social media strategies. Social search engine optimization is a vital ingredient for any company looking to increase traffic (and sales).

With a mixture of social tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mobile, joined together with basic SEO strategies such as keyword research and implementation your business will be found by its’ target audience in no time.

Social Media & SEO

Social Media Tips & Tools for SEO Success:

1)     Blogging

Blogs are a great way to establish your company as an authority in your industry while building up your organic SEO ranking. Use relevant keywords in each article to ensure both your demographic audience and the search engines can find you.

2)     Facebook

Every business should develop a fan page for their brand. First off, creating a fan page is free, so why not? Secondly, there’s no better place to connect with millions of people at once. After you’ve established your fan page, start posting regularly using keywords that relate to your business’ products and services to begin your Facebook SEO efforts.

3)     Twitter

Similar to Facebook, your brand should use the right keywords to maximize on Twitter SEO success. Use Twitter search to see how many people are talking about the chosen keywords and come up with new keywords and strategies based on your findings.

4)     YouTube

Your business should also capitalize on YouTube’s massive audience by creating, publishing and optimizing videos. You can learn more about YouTube optimization in this helpful article.

5)     LinkedIn

Also include LinkedIn in your social marketing mix by posting on your profile, business page and to relevant groups often.

6)     Mobile

Smartphones offer an abundance of opportunity for businesses; mobile marketing can be done via text messages, mobile apps or using a location based service, like foursquare. Make sure your message is heard by listing your business in the proper category and ensuring your website is mobile-friendly to capitalize on the large amount of users on the go.

The more social networks you can utilize to spread the word about your business, the better! What other social strategies is your business utilizing? Share your comments below! 

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