6 Reasons Why Your Site Isn't Ranking on Google

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Posted in New Jersey SEO on December 16, 2011

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Why Your Site Isn't Ranking on Google

The JerseySEO blog is aimed at giving small businesses tips and strategies to improve their SEO practices. If your business is still having a difficult time ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), then these are 6 likely reasons that your business isn’t ranking:

Your keywords are too competitive: Ranking for highly competitive keywords is very hard to accomplish in the SEO game – especially if your site isn’t getting some reputable backlinks. Ranking for the term you want can take months, but the key is to try to be clever, specific and consistent as possible when trying to rank for terms. Try using the Google Keyword tool to see variations of keywords as well as which terms are too competitive.

Your site isn’t getting enough traffic: This one is rather obvious, but your site can forget about ranking for good terms if your site is simply not getting enough traffic. A good way to drive traffic to your site is by promoting your content through social media platforms. Use the Web 2.0 space to grow your website’s awareness.

Content for the people: Google loves fresh content. That’s why it’s recommended that your site contains a blog, and that you keep the blog updated at least once a week (if not every day). It is important that your content isn’t lacking on quality or you will lower your chances of getting users to backlink to your site. Satisfy the users’ need for information and they may help your site get the exposure it needs.

You are avoiding the signs:  Do your site a favor and setup Google Analytics. Google Analytics will track the health of your site by giving you important information about how people are getting to your site (if they are getting there at all). By understanding Google Analytics, you will understand what your site can do to improve. Do not avoid this information or you’ll never know what’s working and more importantly, what’s not.

Take it easy on the flash: Sure, flash is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your website, but it certainly doesn’t do anything to improve your website’s SEO. Not to mention, not everyone’s computer can load flash properly. If you have to choose between quality content or quality visuals with flash, go with the content.

You’re the new kid on the block: Guess what? Ranking on page 1 of Google takes time! You can’t expect your site to rank on Google if you just launched it (or just started practicing good SEO). So keep utilizing the tips you find on the JerseySEO blog and give it some time.

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