Another Lesson in Social Media SEO- 5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Via Facebook

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Posted in Social Media on June 25, 2010

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We all know how important Facebook has become to any good marketing strategy, but just like with Twitter's platform, once you've started posting, how do you drive users to view your information? Below are five easy ways to improve Facebook SEO today!


It's so tempting to change your Facebook name to whatever people are referring you as, but let's save name changes for rock stars like Prince and Sean P. Combs, when it comes to business pages, it's best to pick one name and stick with it. This makes the page easy to find and easy to recognize.

The same goes for pages. Try to keep all your information consolidated under one fan page. Even if your business has multiple locations, it's better to keep everything together on one profile so fans don't get confused.

2.A Very Little Space can Go a Very Long Way
Have you ever noticed the tiny little box located on the left hand side of the page, underneath the profile image? That box has the highest place in Facebook's CSS structure, so it's essential that you fill it with strong keywords in order to optimize your place in the search engines.

3.Link to your own site
Your Facebook fan page is a great opportunity to link to your own site. Use your fanpage as a gateway to your company site and use your info and links to make users want to visit it. The status bar is also at the top of the Facebook CSS structure, so linking to your site via your status is a great way to increase SEO.

4.Demand Discussion
Adding a medium that extends interaction between the page and its fans is important in increasing SEO on Facebook. Adding a discussion tab, or linking your blog in via the networked blogs application is an excellent way to create a community of communication with your users and frequently generate new text rich content.

5.Get Inbound Links- 2 Ways
Inbound links are vital to increasing your SEO in any medium. There are two ways to develop inbound links when using Facebook.

First, you can gain inbound links, by posting a link to Facebook on all of your other websites. This is a great way to make sure individuals who already see your company site will find and fan you on Facebook.

Another great way to get inbound links is via your fans. Whenever someone becomes a fan of your company on Facebook, it will show up with a link to your fan page in their profile, this way, their friends can click and become a fan as well. So, invite everyone you know to become a fan, as a great way to create more inbound links!



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