5 Tips to Keep Your Search Engine Happy

By Eric Johnson (358 words)
Posted in On Page SEO on May 26, 2010

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pg009_1_00.gifDo you want to have a good relationship with your favorite search engine? Make sure your website is as search friendly as possible through on page SEO. The results will be good and your search engine will never be mad at you.

Here are 5 tips to keep your search engine happy with you and to be sure you are using on page content and SEO to its full potential:

1. It is important to be sure that you have text which can be indexed by search engines on your website. In order to feel confident about this use a minimum of one link on each page that links back to your site.

2. Each and every page should have unique content that is easy to access because it will affect your ranking in the search engines. Do not copy material from other pages because it will be harder to get noticed. The more original content the better this is included within your own content as well. It is not looked highly upon to highlight and then copy your own material.

3. It is key to make sure that your meta-tags are arranged properly and consistently along with the correct descriptions for different web pages. Be sure to make the description tags filled with as much detail as possible. Description tags offer a distinct individuality to each page and if written correctly can have a very good influence on getting users to visit your site.

4. Every link within your site must be complete. Make sure the full URL matches where you are placing it. Keep the characters to a minimum and use bold or highlighted keywords along with links.

5. Anchor text is also a crucial component of on page content. So make sure that there is good use of it and keywords appear frequently. Keep content optimized by focusing on the user/ projected audience and pleasing search engines by remaining friendly to them.

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