5 Search Engine Optimization Tips That’ll Skyrocket Your Blog

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Posted in Article Marketing on May 1, 2012

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Hudson Horizons BlogYou’ve taken the time to create your high quality content and you picked out a cool, eye-catching blog theme that you’re sure your readers will love.

So now what?

It’s time to get some traffic to your blog so people all over the world can benefit from all your hard work.

Here’s 5 surefire ways to optimize your blog and increase site traffic:

1.      Comment on other blogs.

Do a simple Google search for other blog’s that are in your niche. After you find a few, read through a couple of their posts and comment on them. Now when you comment on them don’t do what’s called worthless drive by commenting like “great post” or “I liked it a lot”. Instead, leave a relevant comment on something that you read in their post- and then include a link back to a related post on your blog to help increase blog traffic. 

2.      Post on Forums

This is one of my favorites… Find a forum that allows you to have a signature file at the bottom and put a link to your blog in it, again don’t just randomly make posts so your link will show up, really try to participate and add value with everything you post and you’ll not only make new friends but you’ll get a ton of new visitors to your site.

3.      Keywords… Keywords… Keywords

Whatever niche you’re in, you have to use keywords related to what you want to rank for. For example if you're blogging about how to increase traffic or sales, make sure that the main keywords are sprinkled in the title, tagline and the domain.

4.      Use that Ping service

Ping’s and trackbacks can be a little confusing for some people. Basically it’s a really powerful tool that informs the search engines as well as external sites that you have new or up to date content. When you as a blogger publish a new post on a blog that has a ping service that content gets automatically published onto other 3rd party sites. 

5.      Hire a Pro

It all comes down to if you have more time or more money?  You can do it yourself for free, but it takes hard work, a lot of time and experience that many people don’t have. If you’re looking to get to that coveted page one ranking on Google, hire an experienced SEO agency.

Interested in a free SEO quote? Hudson Horizons will tell you everything you need to do to help your blog- and website- rank higher in the search engines.

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