5 eMarketing Tips for Your Small Business

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Posted in Article Marketing on April 8, 2011

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In this economy every small business should leverage their resources to the best of their ability. An extremely cost effective and useful tool is email marketing. An email marketing effort can cater to your brand and business goals. There are a variety of factors that can affect your business' email marketing strategies. But whether how large or miniscule, general or specific your message and reach can become, there are a few tips that all forms of email marketing should follow.

Develop your Brand
Small businesses may not have the same resources or funds as large corporations but they do have the benefit of a more personal relationship with their customer. Building a customer database can start with emails and names and grow to more detailed information. In this particular situation, the larger your email contacts grow the more beneficial it is for you. Whether it be in person or through online mediums make sure to provide point-of-purchase sign up forms. Also decide on specifics and themes that your emails will maintain through out all forms of communication. Themes like design and tone of your message.

Crystal Clear Keep It Simple Stupid
Avoid confusing your reader with an over saturation of information. Rambling and overloading them with announcements will only turn them off. Identify the key components of your message and make sure that your email is relaying that clearly. This is where e-Newsletters can become an important part of your e-mail marketing efforts. E-Newsletters allow businesses to utilize digital platforms to spread general announcements with link attachments. If you ever feel confused, just remember to Kiss It Simple Stupid!


Social Media Integration
Another major resource for small businesses is social media. Always integrate all social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, to your emails, web pages and blogs. This is a simple way to continue driving traffic and of course to fulfill your most important goal- build lasting relationsips.

Twitter Bird


Special Offers and Coupons
It is obvious why these are favorable. But coupons aren't what they used to be. The majority of coupons are offered now as promotional codes. Add a twist by providing online exclusives or specials only redeemable by printing the email and bringing it during the next purchase. This is among a few incentives that will increase your email subscriptions. Don't forget to take advantage of services like Foursquare with incentive programs. Give your customers a reason to connect with you online!


Consider your Reader!

Stay  connected with your readers!

Provide easily accessible unsubscribe links. Every individual is different, for whatever reason they decide they no longer want to subscribe to your emails...make it easy for them to carry out that decision. Just because someone no longer wants to email does not mean they won't change their mind in the future. It also does not mean they won't stay a loyal and committed customer. But not complying to this (which is also the law by the way) will definitely lead to a frustrated and unhappy reader who will probably turn away from your brand.

The last piece of advice for your small business is to always remember your customer.



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