4 Social Networking Sites to Improve your Website’s SEO

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Posted in Social Media on February 14, 2012

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If you think all you need is to make an account on a bunch of different social networking sites to help your website’s SEO, think again. Those accounts created must be optimized in order to fully utilize both the benefits of the networking site itself and the SEO that comes along with it. It is no coincidence that four top notch social networking sites that can help your SEO are also four of the most popular. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top 3, respectively, with YouTube sitting in seventh place, according to SEOmoz.

Social Media and SEO Cycle Tips


It is pretty obvious that Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the web, but that also means there is a lot of competition to get noticed. Companies cannot simply make a page and expect great results. Facebook pages need to be “fan-worthy” in order to bring a great amount of attention on them.

The first thing a potential fan should see is an attractive welcome page rather than a boring and plain wall page. This gives the user a sense of intrigue and makes them want to explore more throughout the page.

Groups are also great to use because they narrow down the market size and gives more detailed information to an assembly of people that are more likely to pay attention, saving more time and money. Groups can also be helpful by commenting on other groups that have similar qualities to your business or industry.

Fans are fans because those companies they choose to support are very interactive and relevant within their own network. “Liking” and commenting on related stories and posts from fans and others in your industry will keep your fans coming back for more.

After an eye-popping Facebook page is made, be sure to include a visible link on your website so users can easily navigate to your page. Finally, make sure your page is set up to automate updates from your website’s blog and new releases. It is things like these, outside of the page design, that especially makes for better SEO.


For many businesses, the goal is to create new customers and then of course retain them. A major goal on Twitter is to gain as main followers to make your market reach that much larger. Therefore, everything you decide to tweet will stretch to people all over the world.

In order to gain followers, as in any social media networks, staying relevant is a must. This means that tweeting often is very necessary for success. Related news or stories that would spark interest in your customers should be included in your campaign. The Twitter world also likes fresh and uncommon tweets every once in a while to change things up a bit, such as quirky pictures or fun facts.

Just as with Facebook, it is important to incorporate your Twitter account within the website, as well as, set your account to automate your blog and news updates.

A great way to gain followers and SEO value is to encourage “retweeting” from your website. People will more often click a link from their friend’s Twitter than a company they are unfamiliar with, so if others can create that personal connection it would be all the more beneficial.


Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn will optimize your SEO value with innovatively connecting to people from around the world. A creative profile page with loads of content, as content is king in SEO, can help both the customer and search engine functions learn as much as possible about what it is the company does.

Job Postings are incredibly valuable as well, especially in this economy with job search being a hot topic among search engines. Relevant keywords are critical to the job postings being found by a potential employee.

With a professional site like LinkedIn, it is appropriate to have both a personal profile for yourself as the business owner or whatever your current position may be, as well as a specific page for the business you are working for.

A lot of the interaction on LinkedIn is the advice that many in the professional workforce seek and the answers that others provide. Just like commenting on Facebook, answering questions on LinkedIn is a perfect way to gain credibility.


YouTube works a bit different because it is a video sharing site, but the SEO benefits are just as worthwhile. This is not meant to sound redundant, but with YouTube, in order to be successful in SEO, it all starts with creative content. These videos added on a regular basis will encourage users to subscribe to the channel you create. Links to the company website should be included in every video’s description.

 Just like Twitter, if users like what they see, they will become, in a sense, a part of what the company is doing by watching the videos and sharing them with all of their friends and followers. Again, adding a link to your YouTube channel on your website will only help that much more to getting your company to where you want it to be.

If these four sites are used to their fullest potential, there is no doubt that the company you are working to help succeed will do just that in a matter of months. Persistence and patience are the names of the game!

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