3 Great Ways to Increase Traffic through Facebook SEO

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Posted in Social Media on October 20, 2011

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Optimizing your website is no longer the only way to achieve top Google rankings for your website. Facebook currently tops the charts as the second most popular website in the world, only surpassed by Google, giving any brand on Facebook a head start on ranking well. Now the only thing left to do is ensure your Facebook page is optimized for search engines through SEO.Facebook SEO tips for your business

1)      Optimize your fan page updates

Google, Bing and other search engines will pick up- and index- your Facebook fan page updates. It’s important to optimize each status update with keyword rich content and links back to your website for maximum exposure.

2)Don’t hide from the search engines with “fan-only” content

While it’s great to reward loyalty with fan-exclusive content, fan-gated tabs can’t be seen by search engines. Make sure key content is accessible to fans, non-fans and search engines alike by keeping important company information, keywords and related items openly available to the public.

3)      Position SEO-Rich Text in the Right Location

While your company’s creative graphics and images may look pretty, search engines definitely won’t appreciate them as much as your target audience. Search engines crawl through content on the web and if yours is hidden within images you can guarantee it won’t be understandable. Make sure your SEO-rich message is not hidden inside of an image since it won’t be indexable there. Instead, put this information in your info and about section.

Get traffic to your fan page with these FB SEO Tips!

IF you have your own Facebook optimizing tips feel free to share them below!

Comments (2)

Chris Tompkins posted on: October 27, 2011

Great tips! I would also add that when you choose your username, make sure that it is keyword packed. Another tip is to fill in your Info page FULLY! Pack it with keywords and links.

hughsemailsearch posted on: December 20, 2011

yes good ideas that i need to put in place. So far not really had anything of worth out of facebook but time will tell, i guess

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