10 Surefire Ways to Improve your SEO Rankings [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Posted in On Page SEO on May 25, 2012

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Surefire SEO Rankings

10. Create a full site audit to determine issues

Performing a complete site review can help you find areas where the text and/or keyword placement can be improved. Repair or replace any broken or non functional links as these are red flags to the search engine spiders and will count against your site rankings. Find and fix any issues that may be discovered during the review.

9. Write for your readers, not just search engines

Writing for your readers first and search engines second is key to reaching the audience you are targeting. Search engine optimized content does not need to sound stilted or forced. Read your content as though you were a visitor, does the text flow naturally? You are writing for the visitor as well as the search engines, and the spiders are very good at detecting quality content as opposed to keyword-stuffed content.

8. Improve your on-page content structure (H1’s, bolding, anchor text)

Improve the structure of your page content using bold type and anchor text. People are skimming your text, so a break will catch their attention and if it in bold type they will pay attention and continue reading. Keep text blocks short and to the point, a purpose to every page. Avoid flashy graphics if at all possible. Use headlines and sub-headings to emphasize the points that you want to make.

7. Avoid low quality link sites in favor of sites with higher page rankings

Avoid linking to low ranking sites as these can drag your ratings down with them. You don't have a lot of control over inbound links, and the search engines understand that. You do however have control over who you link out to and a bad neighbor can give your site a bad reputation. Fewer links of better quality are preferred over many links to wherever you can get them.

6. Create effective title tags that incorporate your target keywords

Use relevant keywords in your title tags for every page of content on your site. The search engines crawl every part of your site and title tags give them an idea of how to rate your content based on the relevance of the tags with the content itself. 

5. Add your content to social bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon

Adding your new updates and content to social media sites is an important factor many are not aware of. This gets your site out there on the web and gives you an important back link from high ranking sites. Using Digg, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and Linkedin are just a few examples. You can even link your website to your Twitter account to keep your followers updated on any new content. 

4. Utilize social sharing buttons on your site

Utilizing sharing buttons on your site gets your readers involved in spreading the word about your content. Their followers can in time become your followers, and the growth from there is exponential. Place share buttons for all the social and sharing sites that you can on every page of your site and encourage your readers to share your information with their friends.

3. Remove any type of duplicate content from your site

Removing any duplicate content on your website assures that your business does not appear lazy and repetitive to readers and will save your rankings with the search engines. Fresh and original content is needed to keep both customers and search engines happy and coming back for more. 

2. Make sure that your URL’s contain the keywords for which you are optimizing.

Be sure the URL of the pages you are creating contain the keywords you are trying to rank for. Use your keywords when naming your pages and be sure they match the content that follows to help improve SEO rankings.

1. Consistently add new and relevant content to your site.

Continuously add new and relevant content to your site and update all the accounts associated with it. The search engines are always on the prowl for fresh content to crawl so keep them coming back to your site and watch it rise in the rankings.

Ten Ways to Improve SEO Rankings

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