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Why Press Releases Work

There are many reasons why every business in the tri-state area (New Jersey?) should be taking advantage of press release submissions.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is an official statement regarding a newsworthy company event that is submitted to the media to be publicized.

Advantages of Submitting Press Releases:

More traffic to your website- First and foremost, submitting an online press release helps the world, and potential clients, notice your company. Writing and submitting press releases gives people the opportunity to learn about your company and view your website. Most press releases will include a link leading directly back to your site, which will increase traffic.5-pressreleases.jpg

Build a brand- Writing press releases ensures that New Jersey residents will become familiar with your business. The more a customer sees about your company, the better the chances are that they'll remember you. Press releases are a great way to let the world know what the latest company news is, while building up a good name for your business.

Gain credibility-Submitting daily press releases will also help your company achieve a higher credibility. Potential clients will begin to view you as a professional and trustworthy company that they'd feel comfortable doing business with.

Fast, Free Publicity- Many press release companies allow you to submit a certain number of press releases every month at no charge. Often, these press releases are posted and available to view, the day after submission.

Increase your Ranking- Press releases that are optimized correctly will help increase ranking on the search engine results page. The higher your ranking, the more popular your website will be.

Link Popularity- When you post an online press release, it will link back to your website. The more links that lead directly back to your site, the more popular your website will become.

Establish relationships- Lastly, by posting press releases, you're allowing people to learn about your company. The more they know, the stronger your relationship with them will be.

Press releases are a simple and effective way to inform consumers about your company's latest news while driving potential customers right to your website.