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Online Article Marketing

The rise of online article marketing has changed the face of Internet marketing and website SEO in New Jersey. Article marketing can also be referred to as blogging and is one of the best ways to improve website traffic. Articles can encompass anything from stories, news articles, industry information, etc. and is an excellent way for New Jersey companies to publish original content related to their industry and/or interests.6-articleMarketing.jpg

When Should You Publish Online Articles or Blogs?

In truth, the more often you update your company's website content with useful information the better. For instance, blogs or online articles can be published online in the following instances:

  • When you company launches a new product
  • When you company offers a new service
  • When you company adds a new feature to your website
  • If your company brings on a new member to your team
  • If your company is recognized for an achievement or award
  • If you or your company has a personal opinion to a recent development in your industry
  • If you or your company has invaluable advice about an industry topic

How Hudson Horizons Can Help with Online Article Marketing

Because online article marketing is essential in today's online world, Hudson Horizons offers a variety of solutions to local New Jersey websites looking to improve SEO, increase website traffic, and provide up-to-date and informative content to their clients and potential customers.

The following solutions will encourage your NJ website to improve SEO, increase website traffic, and provide great content to your site's visitors:

Management of Online Article Syndication and Circulation

  •  Squidoo
  •  E-Zine
  •  Delicious

How Online Article Marketing Improves Website Traffic and SEO Rankings

Syndicating and circulating your company's articles online to various sites improves your website's SEO in numerous ways that search engines weigh heavily in their results rankings formula. As a result, online article marketing will increase website traffic through the following techniques.

Online article marketing:

  • Generates relevant content and pertinent information
  • Provides an easy way to update website content
  • Improves brand and company visibility on the web
  • Generates links back to company's site
  • Establishes company reputation across multiple websites